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Professional Linux Kernel Architecture

지은이 Wolfgang Mauerer   |   출판사 WROX PRESS  |   발행일 2008년 09월 01일   |   언어 : English
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ISBN 0470343435 |  9780470343432
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Product Description

The book provides an introduction to architecture, concepts and algorithms of the Linux kernel. The guiding principle is to keep balance between the description of concepts and the corresponding in-kernel implementation. We achieve this by discussing the relevant data structures and the algorithmic code, but also keep a special focus on connection and interplay of all parts in the "big picture". The huge size of the kernel sources and the large number of connections between the numerous subsystems require providing clear guidance to the reader. The book is a translation sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, and has been updated to kernel version 2.6.78, a recent release in the stable series. The chapters are conceptually divided into three parts:
  • An overview summarizes relevant structures and functions exported by the kernel to userland, especially if they tend to be unknown to the average programmer (for instance memory mappings, how system call tracing is implemented, etc.). A short, informal treatment of theoretical and conceptual aspects helps to put the problems into context within the Linux kernel as well as within different Unix derivatives and other operating systems.
  • A description of the data structures employed in the particular subsystem follows the introduction. Special emphasis is placed on the interconnection between the structures. This is usually not directly visible from the definition alone, but very important for a deeper understanding of the kernel.
  • A thorough analysis of the algorithms which manipulate the data structures and interact with userland follows. Code flow diagrams are extensively employed to visualize the program logic and code paths in a clear and concise manner - the book contains more than 230 figures. To keep close contact with the sources, the most important parts are discussed line by line. Great care is taken to ensure that code doesn't take too much space, because we don't simply want to be a listing of the Linux source code as some other books are.

    One of the foremost concerns is to reduce the vast amount of information contained in the kernel sources and to split the comprehensive material into easily digestible pieces. Connections between different subsystems are illuminated, to assist the reader in gaining all skills necessary to understand the sources on his or her own.
  • Introduction.

    Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview.

    Chapter 2: ProcessManagement and Scheduling.

    Chapter 3: Memory Management.

    Chapter 4: Virtual ProcessMemory.

    Chapter 5: Locking and Interprocess Communication.

    Chapter 6: Device Drivers.

    Chapter 7: Modules.

    Chapter 8: The Virtual Filesystem.

    Chapter 9: The Extended Filesystem Family.

    Chapter 10: Filesystems without Persistent Storage.

    Chapter 11: Extended Attributes and Access Control Lists.

    Chapter 12: Networks.

    Chapter 13: System Calls.

    Chapter 14: Kernel Activities.

    Chapter 15: Time management.

    Chapter 16: Page and Buffer Cache.

    Chapter 17: Data Synchronization.

    Chapter 18: Page Reclaim and Swapping.

    Chapter 19: Auditing.

    Appendix A: Architecture Specifics.

    Appendix B:Working with the Source Code.

    Appendix C: Notes on C.

    Appendix D: System Startup.

    Appendix E: The ELF Binary Format.

    Appendix F: The Kernel Development Process.


    Wolfgang Mauerer is a quantum physicist whose professional interests are centered around quantum cryptography, quantum electrodynamics, and compilers for — you guessed it — quantum architectures. With the confirmed capacity of being the worst experimentalist in the known universe, he sticks to the theoretical side of his profession, which is especially reassuring considering his constant fear of accidentally destroying the universe. Outside his research work, he is fascinated by operating systems, and for more than a decade — starting with an article series about the kernel in 1997 — he has found great pleasure in documenting and explaining Linux kernel internals. He is also the author of a book about typesetting with LaTeX and has written numerous articles that have been translated into seven languages in total.
    When he’s not submerged in vast Hilbert spaces or large quantities of source code, he tries to take the opposite direction, namely, upward — be this with model planes, a paraglider, or on foot with an ice axe in his hands: Mountains especially have the power to outrival even the Linux kernel. Consequently, he considers planning and accomplishing a first-ascent expedition to the vast arctic glaciers of east Greenland to be the really unique achievement in his life.
    Being interested in everything that is fundamental, he is also the author of the first compiler for Plankalk ¨ ul, the world’s earliest high-level language devised in 1942–1946 by Konrad Zuse, the father of the computer. As an avid reader, he is proud that despite the two-digit number of computers present in his living room, the volume required for books still occupies a larger share.
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