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Beginning Xna 3.0 Game Programming: From Novice to Professional

지은이 Alexandre Santos Lobao   |   출판사 APRESS  |   발행일 2009년 04월 01일   |   언어 : English
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발행일 2009-04-01
ISBN 1430218177 | 9781430218173
기타정보 원서 | 500쪽 | $ 39.99
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  Beginning Xna 3.0 Game Programming: From Novice to Professional
APRESS I Alexandre Santos Lobao
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Would you like to create your own games, but never have the time to dig into the details of multimedia programming? Now you don’t have to! XNA 3.0 makes it simple to create your own games, which will run on your PC and Xbox 360 console. Even if you don’t know how to program at all, Beginning XNA 3.0 Game Programming: From Novice to Professional will teach you the basics of C# 2008 programming along the way. Don’t get overwhelmed with details you don’t need to know—just learn what you need to start creating your own games right now!

This fast–paced introduction to XNA 3.0 and the C# language provides you with a quick–start guide to creating high–quality XNA games. You’ll be introduced to the key concepts and ideas you need to know in a gradual fashion so that you master one concept before using it as a foundation for the next. Before long you will have the skills to create smooth, professional–looking results in a range of gaming genres. By the end of the book, you will have constructed several working games and have an excellent knowledge base from which to investigate more advanced techniques.

What you’ll learn
•Master game planning and programming basics.
•Understand 2–D graphics, audio, and input basics.
•Create your first 2–D game.
•Improve your first 2–D game.
•Explore the basics of game networking.
•Deal with sound in XNA 3.0.
•See how to create a 2–D multiplayer game, Rock Rain Live!
•Understand 3–D game programming basics.
•Render pipelines, shaders, and effects.
•Work with lights, cameras, and transformations.
•Generate a terrain.
•Learn skeletal animation techniques.
•Create a third–person shooter game.
•Play games on the Zune console.

Who is this book for?
This book is for anyone approaching XNA programming for the Xbox 360 for the first time, whether they have experience programming computer games or not.

About the Apress Beginning Series
The Beginning series from Apress is the right choice to get the information you need to land that crucial entry–level job. These books will teach you a standard and important technology from the ground up because they are explicitly designed to take you from “novice to professional.” You’ll start your journey by seeing what you need to know—but without needless theory and filler. You’ll build your skill set by learning how to put together real–world projects step by step. So whether your goal is your next career challenge or a new learning opportunity, the Beginning series from Apress will take you there—it is your trusted guide through unfamiliar territory!
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Alexandre Santos Lobao

Alexandre Lobão is a passionate man. His first passion was reading, starting with large books—Mark Twain, Érico Veríssimo, Jules Verne, Monteiro Lobato, Alexandre Dumas, and others—when he was seven. When he was twelve, he discovered his two next passions: playing and creating games (by that time on his first Apple computer), and writing.

Many years later—he’s about forty now—these passions flourish. Now he’s a teacher of academic game development courses, has written four books on the topic, and has participated in some Brazilian game development contests both as a contestant and as a judge. He has also written short story books, children’s books, and young adult books, and in 2008 he released his first romance, The Name of the Eagle, currently only available in Portuguese. And, of course, he still loves to read, from Ken Follett to Paulo Coelho.

His ultimate passions—starting in 1995 and still burning now—are his wife, Waléria, and his kids, Natália and Rafael.

Alexandre believes that lives needs passion to be lived entirely, and hopes that this book helps light this passion in readers’ hearts. You can find his work at http://www.AlexandreLobao.com.

Bruno Pereira Evangelista

Bruno Evangelista is a lead programmer at Tectoy Digital (http://www.ttd.com). Prior to his current employment, he was a graphics programmer at Ilusis (http://www.ilusis.com) and a software engineer at Olympya (http://olympya.com).

As an XNA developer, Bruno had been finalist of the first and second Microsoft XNA Challenge Brazil. He also maintains an open source skeletal animation library for XNA, named XNAnimation (http://www.codeplex.com/xnanimation).

Besides his professional experience, Bruno had hosted some talks and courses about game development at some conferences, including SIBGRAPI, SBGAMES and Microsoft Gamefest (Brazil).

Bruno received his B.Sc. degree in computer science from Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC), and is currently a M.Sc. student in computer science at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). He is 23 year old and lives in the beautiful city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. His works can be found at http://www.BrunoEvangelista.com.

Riemer Grootjans

Riemer Grootjans received a degree in electronic engineering with a specialization in informatics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is currently a member of a research team working toward a Ph.D. where he is responsible for the visualization of 3D data.

For a few years, Riemer has been maintaining a web site with tutorials for DirectX. Since the early beta stages of XNA in 2006, he has ported all his content to XNA and is helping more than 1,000 people on their path to XNA success every day.

In July 2007 and 2008, he received the Microsoft MVP Award for his contributions to the XNA community.

Antonio Leal de Farias
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Beginning Xna Game Programming: From Novice to Professional
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Beginning Xna Game Programming: From Novice to Professional
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